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Give Your Brows, Eyes, or Lashes a Permanent Boost with Permanent Makeup Starting at Just $199! (Value $400+).

Give Your Brows, Eyes, or Lashes a Permanent Boost with Permanent Makeup Starting at Just $199! (Value $400+).

Christy Calafati Ink @ The Canyon Salon

Conejo Deals Price

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What's the catch

  • Promo value expires on 5/15/24
  • No cash back
  • Can’t combine with other discounts/offers
  • May purchase one certificate for each area that you would like transformed!
  • Appointments required; initial appointment and follow-up approximately 6-8 weeks later
  • Failure to give 48-hours notice of cancellation may result in forfeiture of certificate
  • For new permanent make-up only; not valid for areas that have had permanent makeup applied previously.
  • See FAQs at for important pre-appointment instructions. (E.g. no Botox, threading or waxing, or retin-A two weeks prior to your appointment)

Deal Features

  • Christy is an expert permanent make-up artist; rated 5-stars on Google reviews
  • Check out the before and afters on her website!
  • Numbing medication provided
  • Eyeliner tattoo…make your eyes pop! Easiest wake-up and go look!
  • Lip blush tattoo... a beautiful enhancement to your natural lip shape and color. A great way to enhance aging lips!
  • Brow tattoo…enhance thinning or uneven brows.

About this Deal

It is a law of nature, as certain as gravity, that the minute you leave your house without make-up you are going to run into your high school boyfriend, your boss, or the neighborhood mean girl!


What we love about today’s Conejo Deal withpermanent make-up artist Christy Calafati Ink,  is that you can pop out of bed and leave your house without a second thought. Permanent make-up has come a long way since we started Conejo Deals…the current techniques enhance brows, make eyes pop with subtle eyeliner, and return lip luster in a way that looks natural. Each treatment requires two appointments; the first takes approximately two to three hours and there is a one hour follow-up touch-up appointment approximately 6-8 weeks after the initial procedure.


Of course permanent make-up is part technique and part artistry. Take a look at Christy’s before and after pics on her website and you will see a true artist at work!


And speaking of beautiful transformations, we tattooed over Christy’s retail prices for our Conejo Deals members!   Get permanent eyeliner for $199 (retail $400), lip blush for $299 (retail $500), and brows for $399 (retail $600). (Brow techniques include powder/ombre, and combination brow using microblading.)


Thank you for continuing to spread the word about Conejo Deals,


Wendy and Rob

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